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Welcome to JeffSoftware

Here at, my goal is to provide the tuning community with excellent software that will improve their vehicles performance. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

Purchasing Software

You can purchase and download software directly from my website. The entire process is very simple. First, purchase your desired product using the paypal button located on the respective page. Next, you will receive an email containing your login information. You then use this to login above and access your software. Simple!The user control panel allows you to download any and all products you have purchased!

Latest Software

Subie-SSM is a datalogging program that interfaces with virtually any Subaru vehicle that supports the SSM protocol. Its main design goal is to provide the user with the ability to log engine rpm, vehicle speed, acceleration, power, and torque. This data can then be opened in Log-Analyzer(also a product) and analyzed in many ways to provide the user with a plethora of information. No need to purchase an expensive accelerometer which can be inaccurate and clunky to configure. Take it from me, I've owned one for years now and still I chose to replace it with Subie-SSM.

UTI is a datalogging program written for use with the TurboXS UTEC. It features autologging, shift alerts, flash gauges, real-time tables and much more. Store all of your data in separate tables that makes it easier to visualize what is happing in your engine. Never before has tuning your car been so easy.

Log analyzer program. Standard plot, xy plot, timing, completely customizable and flexible to any log format.

A completely overhauled version of UTI-ME, this time written using Java. In this revised version, you have access to powerful features such as smoothening, row/column interpolation, and mass 2-d interpolation. Also new is the ability to create/modify AFR-Target maps for UTI. Carried over is the ability to merge UTI data with a UTEC map to auto-tune your maps.